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Frequently Asked Questions

If you think that you have a common question that might be answered here, read on:

Product Details
1. How do I know if a certain product is available for my vehicle?

Our website is programmed to solve this problem. You can personalize your experience here at bigcountryauto.com by selecting your vehicle at the top left corner of the screen. Then you will only see products that are available for your vehicle.

2. What type of finish is used for the black powder coat finish: gloss or matte?

Our black powder coat has a Semi Gloss finish to it.

3. Where are your sidesteps mounted on my vehicle? Is it secure?

The majority of our sidesteps mount onto the body of the vehicle, just like factory sidesteps while a few mount to the frame of the vehicle.

4. I purchased a front guard for one vehicle but I want to put it on a different one. Will that work?

Since each front guard is vehicle specific and not universal, it will not work.

Online Orders
1. I purchased a Big Country product online and it is the wrong one. Can I exchange it or return it to you to get my money back?

Unfortunately, if you did not purchase through us directly we recommend that you contact the website that you purchased it from. Most eCommerce websites have some sort of money-back guarantee so you will need to go through them for a return or exchange.

2. I purchased a part online and it doesn’t match the picture I saw on the website. What can I do?

Please take a screenshot of the product page and website that you purchased the product from and send it to paul.barnaby@iddeaweb.com. We will work with the website to get you the correct part and to make sure the picture is correct in the future. Some websites use generic photos that may or may not match with the part.

3. I purchased a part online and the box showed up damaged and beat up. What do I do?

Please refuse the package and the freight company will file a claim with us so we can generate a replacement order to be sent. Please notify the company that you purchased the part from that the package was refused.

4. I purchased my part online and the box looked good but the parts inside were damaged and/or missing. Can I get replacement parts?

Yes, we can send out replacement parts for only new orders that show up in a box that’s in good condition. Send a copy of the receipt proving that the purchase was within 30 days, photos of the damaged parts, and a photo of the product label on the box to paul.barnaby@iddeaweb.com. We will work on replacing the parts once we have received all three items from you.

Additional/Replacement Parts
1. My end cap is missing! How can I replace it?

Please call 888-427-4466 to order a new end cap.


Warranty Claims
1. How do I submit a Warranty claim?

You will need to send us the following to start the warranty claim:
A) Invoice or receipt.
B) Pictures of the product and a picture of the truck.
Contact us at 866-444-3818 to file a claim.

2. Does the warranty cover shipping?

No, unfortunately the warranty only covers the cost of the part itself.